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Hybrid Dialer

The Hybrid Dialer is most efficient way to stay in touch with clients.

Part of the contact campaign is JetCom's exclusive Hybrid Dialer. For example, when a business wants to contact customers with important information, there are passive (email, postcards and text messages) methods and there are proactive (phone calls) methods.  Phone calls can takes an enormous amount of time and effort. That’s why JetCom put years of research and development into the most efficient way possible to contact customers automatically – the Hybrid Dialer

Our dialer takes the effort out of calling customers and maximizes the time spent talking on the phone and increasing sales. A typical user will record a message in his voice stating that a service, such as an event or oil change is due and to please contact us or come in at the earliest convenience. 

The JetCom user will launch the Hybrid program. The system will first call the manager and connect him to the system.  Next the system will start calling all customers that he wants to inform of the upcoming message.  If there is a live call it will instantly be passed to the users associate to answer the incoming call. Voice mails will be automatically handled and receive the previously recorded message. Additionally an email can be sent to each recipient with more specific details.

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