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E-Mail Programs
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Turn every email communication into a feature rich advertising and referral tool. With the JetCom email program you can make the most out of every email communication. Each email is designed to make it easy for your customers to:

  • Connect with you on Social Media,
  • View your website,
  • Request a future visit,
  • Refer a friend,
  • Get a quote for more business,
  • and take a satisfaction survey.

The possibilities are endless, but most businesses use Jet Com emails for the following purposes:

  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Thanking Customers for their business
  • Appointment reminders
  • Reminders when scheduled services are due
  • Reminders when suggested services are due
  • Delivering Newsletters and Important Information

The above messages are important, but as important as the messages are the tools that each email includes. Let’s dissect the JetCom email and understand why it is so powerful…

Request an Appointment - If it is appropriate for your business, JetCom will provide a link to an appointment calendar so your customers can easily request an appointment with you. The header image and the messages on the calendar are completely customizable. If a customer uses the system, you’ll receive an email notification that a customer would like an appointment. The requested date and time and all contact info is included. This is a psychological commitment to see you in the future and decreased the chances of a customer defecting to a competitor.

Easily Link to Your Social Media Sites - It is important to get as many of your customers connected to your social media sites as possible. Connecting on social media will enable your business’s name to propagate throughout the social media network and make sure your business is top of mind to all your followers and friends of your followers. Furthermore, once you are connected, you have your customer’s ear and you can use your social media connection to remind everyone that you are the subject matter expert for your industry. Periodically post the results from the outstanding reviews your getting from the satisfaction surveys your are sending out. When someone is in need of your services, they’ll remember seeing the hundreds of great reviews about your business, and they’ll think of you first.

Refer a friend button – You provide excellent service and you’re a subject matter expert in your industry; so why not make it easy for your customers to refer their friends and family to your business. The “Refer A Friend” button makes it as simple as 2 clicks. The first click opens a web page that has a customized banner for your business and a customized message with instructions. There is an email template form that is pre-populated with a suggested subject and message. All your customer has do to is fill in the “To Email Address” and press the send button to compete the referral

View Our Website – Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence. Directing traffic to your site is essential to maximizing your position in the search engines. Therefore, every email sent to your customers though the JetCom email system has a convenient link back to your website. More clicks means more traffic, more traffic means higher rankings and hire rankings mean more sales.

The customer that sends the referral is tracked and you can thank them accordingly.

Request A Quote – More and more people prefer to investigate needs on line. The JetCom “Request A Quote” button provides a simple method for people to click one link to begin the investigation process and most importantly keep them engaged with your business. Providing this reduces the change that a customer may find their way to one of your competitors. Keep customers happy, make it easy for they to engage with you and you’ll add long term value by building a fanatically loyal customer base.

Other JetCom email features:

  1. Each email is personalized using your customer’s first name or nick name with or without their last name.
  2. Emails are sent during normal business hours.
  3. Just in case the recipient is suppressing images on their email, each JetCom email has a link back to webpage. This gives the recipient a simple solution to view the entire content of your message.
  4. JetCom offers a variety of email formats. Your business can chooses a HTML based email with graphic images, a HTML message without graphic image or just a plain text email.